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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the imposed restrictions on travel, the organizing committee had to make a tough decision and convert CCSB 2022 into virtual mode for the safety and well-being of all participants. 

The 2022 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Blockchain(CCSB 2022)  has been successfully held on October 28, 2022!

The 2022 2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Blockchain(CCSB 2022) has been held successfully online on October 28, 2022. There were about 50 delegates  that attended the online conference, several experts in related fields were invited to give keynote speeches. The in-depth discussions among the attendees effectively advanced the academic exchange.

Group Photo

At the same time, We have invited 5 respectable professors to deliver an unusual keynote speeches in the morning session. 

In the afternoon session,  there were 8 Oral Presentations given by 8 brilliant scholars.


Keynote Speech 1

Prof. Bin Shi, fromWuhan University of Technology, China

Speech Title: Matching and Dispatching in Spatial Crowdsourcing Tasks

主讲报告1 石兵教授.png


Keynote Speech 2

Prof. Kannimuthu Subramanian, from Karpagam College of Engineering, India

Speech Title: Emergence of Blockchain Technology Its Implementation

主讲报告2 Kannimuthu2.jpg


Keynote Speech 3

Prof. Rajeev Tiwari, from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India

Speech Title: Cloud Computing Research prospects in Industry 4.0 Framework

主讲报告3 Tiwari2.jpg


Keynote Speech 4

Prof. Jian Yao, from Wuhan University, China

Speech Title: AR/VR - The Second Computer Science and Technology Civilization

主讲报告4 姚剑2.jpg


Keynote Speech 5

Prof. Feng Liu, from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China

Speech Title: Computational Affection and Personality Cognitive Modeling

主讲报告5 刘峰.PNG

Oral Presentation 1

Chuanqian Tang, from Qinghai university

Speech Title: Research on 3D Rendering Effect under Multi-strategy

口头1 唐传谦.PNG

Oral Presentation 2

Zhiqiang Fu, from Hubei University of Technology

Speech Title: A Data Provenance Scheme Based on Blockchain for Internet of Things

口头2 付志强.PNG

Oral Presentation 3

Yingpeng Xu, from Zhongyuan University Of Technology

Speech Title: Optimized design implementation and research of SM3 hash algorithm based on FPGA

口头3 徐英朋.PNG

Oral Presentation 4

Manyu Zhao, from Shandong Technology and Business University

Speech Title: Application of an Efficient Blockchain PBFT Optimization 

Algorithm for Environmental Monitoring

口头4 赵曼玉2.jpg

Oral Presentation 5

Hao Liu,  from Zhongyuan University Of Technology

Speech Title: IP Design and Implementation of TCP Protocol Attack Identification

口头5 刘昊2.jpg

Oral Presentation 6

Zhili Wu,  from Zhongyuan University Of Technology

Speech Title: A Fair and Reliable Data Trading Scheme based on Blockchain

口头6 武志立2.jpg

Oral Presentation 7

Fugang Cai,  from Zhongyuan University Of Technology

Speech Title: Incentive Scheme for Shared Parking Space based on NFT

口头7 蔡福港.jpg

Oral Presentation 8

Yaoyao Zhang,  Zhongyuan University Of Technology

Speech Title: LSMM: A Life-cycle Security Management Mechanism for Secure Image Sharing

口头8 张瑶瑶2.jpg